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Looking to the future, from the past

"The Queenslander" – 40.6 x 50.8cm Soft pastel on Pastelbord

Welcome to 2019.

I love the chance to take a break over Christmas – it's often a time for me to reflect on what has been during the year and what will be in the one to come. It's totally up to me what adjustments I make, which course I chart and how I handle the unexpected shifts in direction. All I need to do is stay my course, enjoy the exhilarating ride and make it happen.

Before Christmas I finished a painting requested by my Mum. It was painted from a sepia photograph taken (circa 1930) of my grandfather's champion 18-footer sailing boat 'The Queenslander'. Jack was a shoemaker by trade and raised 3 daughters in Red Hill, Brisbane. In his spare time he sailed 18-footer boats on the Brisbane River winning many races, he painted, wrote poetry and was a champion cyclist. He was also an avid gardener growing all kinds of fruit and vegetables in his extensive backyard beneath a massive mango tree.

While I painted this image I wondered about the similarities and differences in our lives… I have 3 sons, love to sail, enjoy creative writing and paint, (I'm certainly no gardener!). With 2019 laying open to all kinds of new opportunities, each of us has a choice about what we spend our time doing. For me it always has and will be painting.

So 2019, for me, will be dedicated to more painting more often. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

X Kym

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